Competition Javelin - RUBBER TIP - Yellow/Black

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  • This Javelin is our most Popular Rubber Tip Competition Javelin
  • With INCREASED Stiffness - This Javelin has less vibration making it more Aerodynamic.  These Spears Fly Farther than our practice Javelins.  

All our javelins ship in our custom made Deluxe PVC tube with Threaded End-cap and Retaining Cord (see pictures) so the cap can't get lost. If Multiple Javelins are purchased we ship them all in one large PVC tube (Diameter 4in - 5in)

Guaranteed to meet all NFHS Specifications. Each javelin is carefully weighed and inspected prior to shipment, Guaranteeing that every 4Throws Competition Javelin is ready for use in all Competitions. They have been specifically designed with increased durability and superior quality, for the Beginner/Intermediate Thrower to use in Competition. They are also well-suited for the Advanced thrower to use in a practice environment.

Elite Throwers create high levels of vibration in the javelin when throwing. Vibration is bad for the throw. Having a stiffer (higher meter rated) javelin helps counteract vibration and allows you to throw farther! Our ELITE Javelin is just that Javelin!

For Male throwers beyond 160ft, and female throwers beyond 125ft, the ELITE Javelin is for you. Just go to the "javelin" sidebar and Click "ELITE" to see all our ELITE Javelins.

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