Nemeth 600 gram Training Javelins


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 We may be able special order it from Europe. Nemeth Javelins originally became famous for its innovative “rough surface” design. Each of our javelins is the unique product of our extraordinary attention to detail and quality. Our javelins correspond to the rules of the International Association of Athletic Federation. Fifteen different types of our javelins have received IAAF certificates. The highest quality of our skill is represented by the World and European records of Nemeth Javelins.

Nemeth Universal Competitoin Javelins: High quality Nemeth UT javelin made with an inaccuracy tolerant, narrow Nemeth javelin tip. Recommended for technically beginner throwers, students. Good compensation in case of inaccurate release. Suitable for practices and competitions.

#8037 600g Universal Comp Javelin
#8035 800g Universal Comp Javelin
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