Frequently Asked Questions


   Hello there, we here at provide up and coming athletes with high-quality Equipment at an especially low and discounted price
       Our family team is committed to offering the highest level of customer service as well as those personable interactions that occur only with Family-Owned businesses. We are headed by our father, a former United States Air Force pilot, who medically retired from service in 2007. Although he is a disabled Veteran, he can still bark friendly orders at all of us very well.  We all are expected to perform every task with excellence and attention to detail, making sure your shipments arrive on time and in great condition
      The reason we are able to provide such great equipment at the low prices we do is that we buy directly from the factories and cut out all the middlemen that get their hands into your pockets. We further reduce costs by working out of our house and by not hiring a large staff. 
       We appreciate you spending the time to view our website and especially look forward to being able to do business with you!

As we are a small and struggling company, please do tell everyone about us!

✔️How long does it take to get an item?  All in-stock items are shipped within ONE business day, period.  

✔️Why are your prices so low?  We are a small family-owned business, without many overhead expenses, and we generally buy directly from the factory, cutting out the middlemen.  We don't have any CEO's making big bucks:-)

✔️What's the difference between your 4Throws implements and the big name brand companies?  Not much, other than the price.  All of our competition-grade implements are built precisely to IAAF Specifications, and we routinely conduct in-house testing to ensure you'll have no surprises on meet day!  Our training implements are quality products generally manufactured within IAAF specifications, but they are designed primarily for training. They are designed to be inexpensive implements used in daily training but can be used in competition.

✔️What's the difference between inexpensive and expensive javelins?  Most javelins are made from aluminum.  The cheapest javelins are made from standard aluminum and are not hardened.   For the money, it is recommended to go with the 4Throws Training javelins for most high school throwers.  Advanced high school throwers will benefit from the stiffer Competition or Elite Competition javelins.  These are built with a more expensive, aircraft-grade aluminum, and are hardened to increase rigidity and decrease incidences of bending the tails with a bad tail-first throw.  After more than a year of in-the-field testing, we have had ZERO javelins with any bending whatsoever.  These javelins are tough!, and are ready for thousands of throws.  

✔️Moving up the price ladder, our Polanik javelins are made in Poland. Polanik has 5 levels of javelins from lowest to most expensive, they are SCHOOL, AIR, SKY, SPACE, and PREMIER (CARBON FIBER).  The carbon fiber javelins are top of the line and are extremely rigid,  allowing less flex during flight, resulting in increased distances.  The downside of carbon fiber is the cost, and the increased stiffness puts more load on a thrower's elbow and shoulder.  It is thus common practice to use a more flexible javelin in most throwing sessions, and reserve stiffer (more expensive) javelins for meets.

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