Polanik VDL Indoor Shot Puts


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VDL72 (TRIAL 7,26 kg, 16 lbs) 13.5cm

VDL5,5 (TRIAL 5,5 kg, 12.1 lbs) 13cm

VDL4 (TRIAL 4 kg, 8.8 lbs) 11.5cm

Polanik's PREMIUM Indoor Shot.

Yes, these seem a bit pricey vs cheaper knockoffs, but imagine buying the cheapest indoor shot you can find, and then having 1000+ tiny lead BB's rolling around on your gymnasium floor.  These are built to last.  These products are Made in ITALY.  Brand is TRIAL. 


  • Made of tough VDL (vinyl), safe in use, ideal for beginners, for indoor and outdoor training, bright visible colors

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