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Choosing the Right Javelin: A Guide for High School and College Athletes

Selecting the correct javelin is crucial for athletes aiming to excel in track and field competitions. At 4Throws, we specialize in providing top-tier javelins suitable for every level of competitor, from high school students to college athletes and beyond. Understanding the specifications and regulations is key to choosing a javelin that not only meets competition standards but also complements your throwing style and strength.

High School & College Regulations

  • High School & College Boys: Competitors are required to use 800-gram javelins.
  • High School & College Girls: The regulation weight for female competitors is 600 grams.

Our range of 4Throws COMPETITION javelins caters extensively to high school throwers, available in both steel tip and rubber tip options. These javelins are designed to support the development of beginners and intermediate throwers alike.

Skill Level Specifications

  • Beginners: Opt for the 4Throws Training Javelin (40m - 50m) and the 4Throws Competition Javelin (50m - 60m).
  • Intermediate Throwers: The 4Throws Competition Javelin (50m - 60m) and Polanik AirFlyer (60m - 70m) are ideal choices.
  • Advanced Athletes: Consider the 4Throws ELITE Javelin (60m - 70m), Polanik SkyChallenger (70m - 80m), and Polanik SpaceMaster (80m - 90m) for superior performance.

For athletes in states like WA, ID, NJ, ND, FL, and AL, where rubber tip javelins are mandated for high school competitions, we provide compliant options. Steel tip javelins are recommended for competitions in other states and for USATF events.

Shipping Challenges

Please note, shipping 800-gram javelins poses significant challenges due to their length. Both 4Throws and our competitors incur an additional $80 surcharge on top of standard shipping costs, a necessary consideration for your equipment investment.

Master's Competition Specifications

Master's competitors also have specific weight categories based on age, ensuring fair and competitive throwing conditions for all athletes.

  • Men 30-49: 800 grams
  • Men 50-59: 700 grams
  • Men 60-69: 600 grams
  • Men 70-79: 500 grams
  • Women 30-49: 600 grams
  • Women 50-59: 500 grams
  • Women 75+: 400 grams

Choosing the right javelin is essential for maximizing your potential in the field. At 4Throws, we're dedicated to supporting your athletic journey with the highest quality equipment. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced competitor, our selection offers something for every athlete's needs. Visit us to find the perfect javelin for your next competition and take the first step towards achieving your personal best.

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