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The Essential Guide to Choosing Your Discus: Maximize Your Throws with 4Throws

Selecting the perfect discus is a critical step on your journey to track and field success. Whether you're gearing up for competition or honing your skills in training, understanding the nuances of discus weight and brand can significantly impact your performance. At 4Throws, we specialize in offering a comprehensive selection of discuses from leading brands like Nishi, Polanik, and ATE, ensuring every thrower finds their perfect match.

Discus Weight Classes for Athletes

  • High School & College Girls: The 1 kg discus is your standard, designed to meet the needs of female throwers across high school and college levels.
  • High School Boys: Step up your game with the 1.6 kg discus, the official weight for high school male athletes.
  • College Men: The 2 kg discus sets the standard for college men, offering a challenge that matches your advancing skills.

Choosing the Right Discus

At 4Throws, we understand that every athlete has unique needs. That's why we offer discuses tailored for both competition and training across all weight classes. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced thrower, selecting the right discus by rim weight can enhance your technique and extend your throwing distance.

  • Training Discuses: Perfect for athletes focusing on skill development. Our training discuses are designed to withstand the rigors of daily practice.
  • Competition Discuses: When precision and performance matter most, our competition discuses from Nishi, Polanik, and ATE deliver. With options ranging from the durable and reliable 1 kg discus for women to the robust 2 kg discus for collegiate men, we have the equipment you need to excel.

Rim Weight Selection for Optimal Performance

Understanding rim weight is crucial for matching a discus to your throwing style and strength. Higher rim weights typically offer greater stability and longer flight distances, making them ideal for advanced throwers aiming for record-breaking throws. Our collection simplifies this selection process, allowing you to find a discus that complements your level of experience and competitive goals. Use tags to focus on a particular variant / color of the equipment.

Rim weight is a critical factor in choosing a discus, influencing the stability and flight distance of the throw. Athletes can select a discus tailored to their throwing range by focusing on the rim weight percentage:

High School Girls' Rim Weight Guide:

  • 100' to 125': 70% to 73% Rim Weight
  • 120' to 150': 73% to 75% Rim Weight
  • 140' to 160': 75% to 80% Rim Weight
  • 150' to 165': 78% to 85% Rim Weight
  • 160' to 180': 85% to 89% Rim Weight
  • 175' to 190': 85% to 90% Rim Weight

High School Boys' Rim Weight Guide:

  • 100' to 130': 70% to 73% Rim Weight
  • 125' to 150': 73% to 75% Rim Weight
  • 145' to 160': 75% to 80% Rim Weight
  • 155' to 170': 78% to 85% Rim Weight
  • 165' to 180': 85% to 89% Rim Weight
  • Over 190': 88% to 91% Rim Weight

Selecting a discus based on rim weight helps athletes find a discus that complements their strength and technique, leading to improved performance and longer throws.

Why Choose 4Throws?

4Throws is your premier destination for all things discus. From the track discus designed for those new to the sport to the elite discus throw options for seasoned competitors, our selection is unmatched. Featuring top brands like Nishi, Polanik, and ATE, we ensure that quality is never compromised.

Elevate your performance with the right discus from 4Throws. Whether you're competing with a 1.6 kg discus in high school, a 1 kg discus in college, or mastering the 2 kg discus at the university level, we have the equipment to meet your needs. Discover the difference the right discus can make and propel your throws to new heights.

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